Association of Tax Agents (ATA)

association of tax agents is bonded by the Association of Tax Agents (ATA).

What does this mean?

It means that we are a legitimate tax refund company and your money is safe with us!

Why was the ATA formed?

Because there are so many people overpaying on PAYE tax and millions of Pounds are lying unclaimed at Inland Revenue, a large number of tax agents have sprung up offering to act on your behalf and claim your tax refund for you. Several of these tax agents have since ceased trading and many people lost their money.

These insolvencies were caused by one of two reasons:

  • The business was started with the intention of defrauding clients by withholding their tax refund and closing the business.
  • The tax agents charged unusually low commission rates, in a bid to generate business. This causes the company to lose revenue and face closure.

The ATA is an independent governing body formed in 1998 specifically to protect people applying for their tax refunds against financial loss. To become a bonded member of the ATA, each company has to satisfy strict entry criteria as determined by the ATA.

Since the ATA was formed, no bonded member has ceased trading.

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You have two options available to you

1. Use US as an Agency

• You’re guaranteed to get your refund • We ensure you receive all your money owed • We’ll argue for hours on the phone on your behalf • Hassle and Stress free simple process • We take care of all the admin • Your Refund paid to any country Use this agency to claim now >>

2. DIY direct through HMRC

• Long calls • Constantly chase them up • Complicated process • Your refund may not be accurate • You may not get your money • No commission Visit the HMRC (official tax office) >>

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