Tax Refund - Frequently Asked Questions

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General Tax Info

  1. What is a tax refund?
  2. Who is eligible for a Tax Refund claim?
  3. Why would I have overpaid tax?
  4. How much can I claim back?
  5. When can I claim my tax back?
  6. How many years can I claim tax back for?
  7. How long does it take to get tax back?
  8. What do I need to claim tax back?
  9. Where do I receive my refund?
  10. What is the financial year?

Tax Related Documentation

  1. What is a CIS Tax Refund?
  2. What is a P45 Document?
  3. What is a P60 Document?
  4. What is a P11D
  5. What if I've lost my P45 or P60?
  6. What are Tax Codes and Emergency Tax?

More Popular Tax Questions

  1. Do I need a National Insurance Number (NI number)?
  2. What is a self-assessment Tax Return?
  3. What if I have received benefits from my employer?
  4. Can I claim my tax back when I am outside the country?


You have two options available to you

1. Use US as an Agency

• You’re guaranteed to get your refund • We ensure you receive all your money owed • We’ll argue for hours on the phone on your behalf • Hassle and Stress free simple process • We take care of all the admin • Your Refund paid to any country Use this agency to claim now >>

2. DIY direct through HMRC

• Long calls • Constantly chase them up • Complicated process • Your refund may not be accurate • You may not get your money • No commission Visit the HMRC (official tax office) >>

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