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14. What is a P11D?

A P11D is a form issued by your employer to tell HMRC about the value of any benefits you’ve received during the tax year which may have effectively increased your income. These include a company car, private medical insurance and a travel and subsistence allowance, for example.

15. What if I've lost my P45 or P60?

If you have lost your P45 or P60 you will need to submit a Statement of Earnings as a substitute. As a first port of call, you should attempt to obtain these from your employer/agency. If you don’t receive them, we will try to obtain the documents on your behalf (a maximum of 2 outstanding documents at a cost of £20 + VAT per document, subject to conditions).

Please note that while we will do our best to obtain these for you, we cannot guarantee it, as employers/agencies are not legally obligated to issue Statements of Earnings.

HMRC may also have your missing pay and tax details on record. Contact us if you would like more information.



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