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7. How long does it take to get tax back?

Once we have received your details and all documentation, we aim to finalise your claim within 6 - 8 weeks. This allows for the average tax office postal backlog of 6 weeks.

Some claims may exceed the expected completion time due to a lack of a permanent National Insurance number, providing incorrect or insufficient information and/or unavoidable delays caused by HMRC.

8. What do I need to claim tax back?

In order to claim a UK tax refund, you will need to submit a few documents that prove your earnings and tax deductions for every employer that you have had in each tax year for which you are claiming. It may sound daunting at first, but finding the right documents is certainly worth the extra Pounds that could be coming your way!

You will need a P45 for each job you’ve had during the tax year, as well as a P60 from the company you were employed with at the end of the tax year. These documents can be obtained from your employer or agency. If you have lost these forms, you will then need to obtain a “Statement of Earnings” from your employer or agency as a substitute.

If you have worked under the CIS scheme, we’ll need your Statements of Payment for each employment and each month as well as proof of any expenses that you would like to have deducted. We will assess these and let you know if any of these cannot be claimed.

If you received any benefits, you will need to submit a P11D form and if you claimed any dividends, you will need a dividend certificate for the relevant tax year.

Please note: HM Revenue & Customs does not accept Payslips as proof of income and/or tax paid.

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9. Where do I receive my refund?

We will establish where and how you would like to receive the funds before we process your claim. When we receive the refund cheque issued by HMRC, we’ll bank it and then transfer your refund (minus our fee) to the bank account you nominated, to almost anywhere in the world.

10. What is the financial year?

The financial year, commonly known as “the tax year”, runs from April the 6th until April the 5th of the following year. So as an example, the 2009/2010 tax year ran from 6 April 2009 – 5 April 2010.


You have two options available to you

1. Use US as an Agency

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2. DIY direct through HMRC

• Long calls • Constantly chase them up • Complicated process • Your refund may not be accurate • You may not get your money • No commission Visit the HMRC (official tax office) >>

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